GOLDEN IMAGE is a global, architectural 3D-visualization and digital company based in Chengdu, China.


Our Team Members offer a decade of professional experiences in architectural visualizations and interactive presentations.


Our Project Manager will guide every client with INDIVIDUAL attention to assure the design concept contains the essence of quality it deserves.


Golden Image is with you every step of the way, every day, to project completion.


Pride in our commitment to you, and our quality professional results, differentiates us from others. 

Golden Image can make your work easier and help you to expand your market potential.


Zhao Jing

Team Leader

Team Leader of Post Production Department. Getting professional knowledge on aesthetics from university studying Art Design, Jing Zhao has very good sense of composition, color, lighting and image expression with her innative sense for Art. 

With 13 years’ experience in dealing with all range of projects from all over the world, she can easily obtain our clients’ design intention and preferred style to get the images talking in the right way. Her enthusiasm for Art and Sports, her dedication to the work has brought the team lots of energy. 

Jacky Ye

Managing Director

With 12 years’ experience in visualization field, Jacky knows the most efficient way to manage the team and projects to make all our clients’ work easier. 

Jacky has been working closely with many big names all around the world on some amazing projects, including the Yas Island, Dubai Hills, Jebel Ali Port, Dubai Creek Harbor (UAE), Princess Cruises (US) and Longbridge (UK).

Efficiency and quality is the key to make us success!

Xiao Kang

Production Manager

With an interior design background since 2002, Kang has spent all these 15 years in visualization industry and accumulated a large fund of knowledge in architecture design and CG production. 

Kang always gets designer’s design intention and concept accurately and visualize these by skilled CG approaches. He has participated in many large scale design visualization projects all over the world including the masterplan design for well-known Palm Island and The World Islands. Practice&Focus makes Perfect is what Kang believes. His indefatigable efforts have done great contribution to the team and will lead our team to a greater future.

Shadow Liu

Director of Project Management

As director of Project Management Department, Shadow has great enthusiasm for art, photography and architecture. She has been working in Architecture Visualization Industry for almost 10 years and managed thousands of projects including all range of work. 

Carrying the principle of offering all clients with professional services, high efficient workflow and high quality final products, Shadow has received well compliment from all our clients.

Sheng Yun Zhou

Technical Director

The Doctor Know-All of the team. With research direction in VR, AR, MR areas using Unity and Unreal, Yunzhou has very rich knowledge in CG related software from early years’ working experience which makes his work high efficient and absorbing new knowledge fast. Improving skills, studying new technology, trying different plug-ins and writing tutorials to share with all team members are his interests and daily work. A shining star in the team!

Joe Pan

Senior Project Manager

As a senior project manager of GIG, Joe has 7 years’ experience of managing architecture visualization projects and also has accumulated rich knowledge in this field from thousands of projects. 

Acting as the bridge between our clients and production team, he is playing a crucial role in project management to offer all our clients the best service. 

Yang Xian Jie

Team Leader

The youngest team leader of GIG, young but so professional not like his age. Through huge amount of practice during the past 6 years, Xianjie is able to handle all kinds of modeling work and be so skilled in rendering. His executive force and good sense of team management make the team so productive, efficient and competitive. 

Tang Jian

Team Leader

The most talented rendering artist in the team and acting as a team leader. Graduated from Animation Major, Jian has got 6 years’ experience in architecture visualization to achieve very good rendering quality. His great interest in CG industry keeps pushing him to achieve better quality lighting and materials. 

Xiang Qi

Team Leader

Qi is our skilled modeler with 8 years’ experience in Architecture Visualization dealing with different types of design all over the world. His deep understanding of structure and the rich knowledge of different styles of architecture help the modeling team finishing the initial stage fast and qualified.

Liu Jing

A young but very talented post production artist specializes in architecture visualization post production ever since university study. Her strong willing of learning and the eyes for beauty have brought Jing great achievement in the past 4 years and always keep getting herself to a higher level to surprise the team and our clients!

Zhang Gui Bin

Talented post production artist. Due to the pronunciation of his Chinese name, Guibin is called VIP by the team. A confident and diligent man in working who can always finishes the work at very high quality through 6 years of CG industry experience. 

A silent but humorous man in life who brings our team the laugh and happiness. His passionate for life and wide range of hobbies always bring the team great ideas. 

Xu Jiao Jiao

The most passionate and active girl in the team. Having 6 years of CG industry experience, she is skilled at rendering and post production stage works. Her own tastes for image style are the warm & colorful bright and cold & solemn dark.